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Month: June 2018

Sungold Tomato and Basil Jam from Food in Jars

Sungold Tomato and Basil Jam from Food in Jars

I didn’t realize that I had never put this on the blog before until I started to make this jam last night. FoodInJars.com is a fabulous site, and I love the small batch recipes for canning. This is a particular favorite and one where I […]

Halloumi Cheese Sticks and Sweet Chili Sauce

Halloumi Cheese Sticks and Sweet Chili Sauce

Recently I made some fried Halloumi croutons to go in my tomato soup. When I posted it, a friend mentioned that she likes Halloumi fried and served with sweet chili sauce. Since I had both the cheese and the sauce, tonight I decided to fry […]

Fermented Ginger Turmeric Carrots

Fermented Ginger Turmeric Carrots

I’m still working on using that turmeric I bought at Finca Luna Nueva in Costa Rica!

I decided to give fermenting a try, using this recipe from The Wild Gut.

First I had to buy a fermenting kit though, and I decided on The Easy Fermenter from Nourished Essentials.  I also bought some glass weights to keep the carrots submerged in the brine.

I always have carrots, I had a knob of ginger in the freezer, and of course I had the turmeric.

This was incredibly easy, and I like the carrots. I would make them again.  I mixed the brine and set it aside.  Then peeled and sliced the ginger, and laid half the slices in a quart Ball canning jar that was laid on its side.

I cut one carrot stick so it fit just under the curve of the jar, leaving enough room so the glass weight would fit on top of the carrots.  Then I used it to measure against and cut all the carrots to the same length.  Then packed enough carrot sticks into the jar to fill the jar half way.

Adding the rest of the ginger slices.

The instructions recommended packing all the carrots in as tightly as possible.  This should help to keep the carrots from floating up out of the brine.

Then it was time for the brine.

Then the turmeric.

I placed the glass weight on next.

After putting the fermenting lid on, I gave it a few shakes to distribute the turmeric.  Then I set the date ring for the day I started the ferment.

Now it was time to set the jar on the counter to start fermenting.  I set it out for the directed three days, occasionally shaking gently.

Next it went to the door in the fridge for 10 days.  I actually let it go a little bit longer than that.

That lid was hard to remove! They designed it with a little push lever, and it certainly came in handy.

Time for a bite.

They are good.  Really crunchy and the flavor of the turmeric and ginger is more of a whisper than a slap in the face.  I actually think I would use slightly more of both, and use fresh instead of previously frozen ginger.