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A Sardine Sandwich – Who Knew?

A Sardine Sandwich – Who Knew?

I’m supposed to eat more oily little fishes.  Besides just eating sardines straight out of the tin, I have been looking into other ways to use the little fishies.

Then yesterday Sam the Cooking Guy posted a video of him recreating an after-school snack his mother used to make for him—featuring sardines!

Tangent – If you don’t know Sam the Cooking Guy he is this hilarious guy in San Diego who posts cooking videos.  Never too fancy, always good.  You should look him up.  www.TheCookingGuy.com

It was also an opportunity to use the tin of pilchards that I bought in Cornwall because I was a total tourist and the tin was cute.

It was basically a fish sandwich, and I have to say it was pretty good. It was sort of interesting that he used butter on one slice of toast and mayo on the other.  I think I would just go with mayo in the future.

See, isn’t the tin pretty?  A rather famous painting called Between the Tides by Walter Langley, of the Newlyn School of Cornwall artists.

They tasted really good just out of the tin.

But I went ahead and put them on the sandwich and squeezed lemon juice over them.

I sliced the sandwich in half, arranged them prettily on a plate and took a picture.

Took a bite and realized I had forgotten the arugula!  I quickly added arugula and took another bite—delicious!

Watch Sam make his here.  And you will realize I really should have watched the video again before making my sandwich!  I missed a few things, but it was still good.

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