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So what if it looks like it’s covered in fur?

So what if it looks like it’s covered in fur?

I was still trying to finish using up a bag of sweet potatoes, and I had a packet of organic turmeric that I brought back from Finca Luna Nueva in Costa Rica.  So, I decided to make some roasted sweet potatoes with turmeric, cinnamon and thyme following a recipe I found online.

I didn’t want to make a lot, so I cut the recipe in half, but I think I should have used even less of the seasoning.  I think it was the thyme that made them look like they were covered in fur.

Roasted vegetables are almost always one of the easiest things to do, and it couldn’t be much easier than tossing peeled, cubed sweet potatoes with the turmeric, cinnamon, and thyme (dried from my summer herb pots), and adding a few grinds of black pepper (also from Finca Luna Nueva) and salt.

The recipe suggested spraying a baking sheet with cooking spray, but I don’t like it, so I just lined a sheet with parchment paper and poured the sweet potatoes out onto the baking sheet and roasted at 400 Fahrenheit for around an hour.

I swear these tasted so much better than they looked!

I would make them again, but reduce the spice mixture or up the number of sweet potatoes!  Or, just toss several sprigs of fresh thyme onto the baking sheet before roasting and skip the dried thyme.

The recipe is on One Green Planet here.


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