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Quest for a Perfect Pound Cake – This wasn’t it

Quest for a Perfect Pound Cake – This wasn’t it

A friend is turning 50 this spring, and when I asked him what his favorite cake was, he said pound cake.  Well, the quest began for the perfect recipe so I could make him a pound cake for his birthday.

And then I saw this on the back of a bag of C&H Sugar:

It said Perfect right in the title!  However, while the final result was tasty, it missed out on some of the key aspects of a pound cake.

First, look at all these ingredients!

I don’t remember all those ingredients from when my brother and I would wake up on Saturday mornings, make a pound cake, and watch cartoons.  I definitely don’t remember cream cheese being in the recipe.  But, nevertheless I persisted.

Creaming the butter and cream cheese together

Adding sugar

And then THREE extracts—Vanilla, Almond, and Lemon extract.

The final wet ingredient was eggs—eight of them, room temperature.    That’s 4 eggs a loaf.

Beating, beating, beating, after each addition, until all 8 eggs are added.  At this point it smells really good (all that extract) and the batter tastes good, but it just doesn’t taste like a pound cake batter.  It’s just, too, well, fluffy.  Light and fluffy.  Not really what pound cakes are known for.

Next up was mixing in the dry ingredients (and by the way, the instructions on the bag of the C&H sugars were some of the worst I have ever seen.  Do you sift the flour first?  Do you sift the dry together?  There are no instructions. That’s just one example)

Finally, the batter was in the prepared loaf pans.

The instructions say to run a knife through the batter to remove any air bubbles, and so I did.

Baked, the loaves looked and smelled delicious.

And sliced, they have that nice browned edge, and a fine texture that looks right, but tastes too light.

I guess I didn’t get all the air bubbles out.  Whatever.

Don’t get me wrong, the slices tasted good.  A very delicate, not overpowering flavor.  But the cake itself was just too light and delicate to be a true pound cake. The browned edges were the only things that spoke of pound cake, and my husband didn’t like those edges.

We froze one loaf for later and ate the other.

But, I won’t be making this recipe again.

After texting back and forth with my brother, we think it was the classic red and white checked Better Homes & Gardens cookbook recipe, so that will be the one I try next.

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