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Melting Sweet Potatoes

Melting Sweet Potatoes

Why do my sweet potatoes look better before I cook them?!  And these look nothing like the pictures in the recipe.

I had this recipe pinned for quite awhile, and finally made it as part of my quest to finish up what seemed like the endless bag of sweet potatoes that I had.

Honestly, these were fine, but not great.  I probably won’t bother again, I’ll just make my standard roasted sweet potatoes.

The recipe is found on The Kitchn, here.

The sweet potatoes are peeled then cut into 1 inch rounds (I even measured!); basted with butter; sprinkled with sea salt; turned and basted and seasoned again.  They are roasted 20 minutes, turned and roasted 20 minutes more.

As I said, they tasted fine, but really not outstanding.

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