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Could a hot Caprese salad (of a sort) be a thing?

Could a hot Caprese salad (of a sort) be a thing?

I thought about making the Caprese portobello mushrooms again last night, but apparently even walking downstairs to go to the garage fridge was too much work for me.

So instead I sliced up the two tomatoes I had, got out the rest of the mozzarella pearls and the tube of Gourmet Gardens and made myself a hot dish.

I layered the tomato slices in a small casserole dish.

For the Parmesan tomatoes I make, I use an Italian seasoning blend, so I decided to sprinkle a little over the tomatoes I was making here.

I just scattered the mozzarella pearls into the dish.

I love the basil paste from Gourmet Gardens, so I spread a little of that over the tomatoes, and what the heck, I sprinkled a little more of the Italian seasoning on top.

Dinner was in the oven, so I just tucked the casserole dish in there for the final 10 minutes (it was 325 Fahrenheit) and when I took the roast out, I moved the dish to the top rack and turned the broiler on for 3 minutes to get that nice bubbly crust on the cheese.

For making this up as I went along, this was pretty darned good.

And yes, I would make it again.

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