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Caprese Portobello Mushrooms

Caprese Portobello Mushrooms

I had an idea about making something with portobello mushrooms and was googling around trying to round out that idea when I came across this post by Cafe Delites.

And while I’m still going to run with my other idea, first I made these delicious mushrooms for lunch.

After all, I had all the necessary ingredients (well, with a little adjustment here and there).

I didn’t do everything exactly the same as the recipe, but it was pretty close. The first thing was that I don’t really like the gills on the mushrooms, so I scraped those out.  I also didn’t use grape tomatoes, and I wanted the tomato slices to lay flat inside the mushroom cap, so I cut out a bit more of the stem to make it even.

I melted some butter and minced garlic together, and brushed the tops of the mushrooms with it.


Since it was below zero, I wasn’t going to follow the instructions to grill the mushrooms outside, and I had adjusted an oven rack to the top of my oven and turned on the broiler to high.  I set the mushrooms butter side up on a foil lined sheet, and broiled the mushrooms for 4 minutes.

Meanwhile, I sliced a medium tomato, and got out a handful of Bel Giosio Mozzarella pearls.  I didn’t have any basil, but I did have this basil paste from Gourmet Gardens that I could use.

I took the mushrooms out of the oven.

Flipped them over, and brushed the insides of the mushrooms with the rest of the garlic butter.

My first layer was the tomato.  After placing two whole slices in, I cut another slice to fit in pieces so I had a whole layer of tomato.  If I had a bigger tomato, I wouldn’t have had to do the whole jigsaw thing.

Next up was the basil paste.  I squeezed a layer of the basil paste onto the tomato.

And finally I layered on the mozzarella.  Obviously just a slice would have been fine too, but what I had on hand were the little mozzarella balls (pearls).  I forgot to take a picture.  Oops.

I put the mushrooms back in the oven and broiled for 5 minutes, until the cheese started to brown.

One lesson learned was to use a rimmed baking sheet.  I managed to get this out of the oven without spilling, but it was touch and go there for a minute.

These were delicious!  Oh, I also drizzled with Trader Joe’s Balsamic Glaze.

I’ll add that I’ve tried a few things from Cafe Delites before, and they are always good.  Last fall I made her chimichurri and it is amazing.

So check out her post and try this!

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