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Brown Sugar Crockpot Ham

Brown Sugar Crockpot Ham

You can’t really call this a recipe.  You need two ingredients – brown sugar and a bone-in, butt portion ham.

I found the instructions for this on Pinterest, but I can’t find the site again so can’t link to it.  However, it is so simple that I was able to remember the details and successfully make this ham.

It started with layering about 1/2 inch of brown sugar in the bottom of a Crockpot.

Then the instructions said to put the ham into the crockpot flat side down.  I have an original Crockpot (it’s around 35 years old) and immediately ran into a problem.

I hacked away at that poor ham in an effort to make it fit the crockpot. It’s possible I should have measured before I began.

But eventually I got it to a size where it (mostly) fit into the pot.

Then I gave the ham a cap of another 1/2 inch of brown sugar, patting it firmly into shape.

Since I couldn’t put the lid on, I covered the top with foil, crimping it tightly around the rim.  Even if the lid fit, I probably would have still capped with foil in order to have it tightly sealed  I put the glass lid on top just to weigh it down.

It did eventually cook down so that the lid fit, though.

I set it on low and let it cook all day.  I wasn’t paying attention to time, but it was probably 10 hours.

Meanwhile, I had to do something with the ham I had cut off.  So I chopped up some into the portions I use when making ham and cheese omelets; some into slices to fry; one big hunk to try the brown sugar/crockpot thing again if it worked out; and, one hunk to use to make some ham and navy bean soup.  Then I wrapped it all up and froze it for the future.

At the end of the day I took the lid off.  Boy, was it soupy!  Especially considering there was no extra liquid added, so this all melted off the ham.

It was fall apart tender, and looked more like pulled pork than baked ham.  It had a very nice flavor and was good just eating as is, or, I also put it into a roll for a sandwich.  I’ll do it again.


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