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BBC’s Broccoli Stilton Cheese Soup

BBC’s Broccoli Stilton Cheese Soup

I was wandering through the Harrods shop in Heathrow recently when I spotted a huge wedge of Stilton Blue.


I had to have it.


I love Stilton, and it really was a big wedge.   I enjoyed it with pears several nights in a row, and I certainly could have kept doing that indefinitely.


But, a friend of mine in England informed me that people there often made broccoli soup with Stilton cheese.  I normally make it with cheddar, but I was willing to give Stilton a try.

I googled around, and found this recipe at BBC Good Food.


The night before I chopped up all but the potatoes, so it really was very easy to put together for dinner tonight.


I softened the onions very slowly over medium heat, probably six or seven minutes.  I didn’t let them brown, only soften.

I decided that the ‘knob’ of butter from the recipe was 2 tablespoons, and added two chopped leeks (I didn’t use celery) and the diced potatoes as directed.  

The instructions say to stir until the butter is melted.

Then cover and let the vegetables sweat for five minutes.

I used some homemade chicken stock, and added the chopped broccoli stems.  The recipe says to cook for 10-15 minutes until all the vegetables were softened, but I found it took more like 20-25 minutes.

Similarly, the broccoli florets took 10 minutes, not the 5 minutes the recipe suggested.

Everything smelled pretty darned good at this point, and taste testing was going well.

I turned off the heat, and got the immersion blender out, blending away.

I then stirred in most of the Stilton.  I had gotten it into my head that the recipe said 120 grams of Stilton.  It was actually 140 grams, and next time I will make sure to add the full 140 grams.  

I did keep out a few crumbles of the cheese to garnish the soup, and earlier I had cooked some bacon and crumbled it to use as garnish as well.

Taste testing indicated that just a bit of salt needed to be added.  There was no added salt anywhere else in the recipe.  After ladling the soup into a bowl, I added a few grinds of black pepper, and topped it with the cheese crumbles and the bacon.  It was just incredibly delicious, and really really filling. 


I will definitely be making it again!  There isn’t a strong blue cheese flavor, and the combination just works very well.



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