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Faux Frankfurt Green Sauce

Faux Frankfurt Green Sauce

You can’t call this Frankfurt Green Sauce unless it is made in the Hesse region of Germany where Frankfurt is located, with 7 herbs that are grown there.  The typical seven herbs are:



Garden Cress


Salad Burnet



If you happen to live and grocery shop in Frankfurt, you can buy a handy bundle of the 7 herbs if you want to make your own.


A few years back I spent a few days with a friend who is from and still lives in Frankfurt.  Twice when we were dining out, she ordered Frankfurter Grüne Soße.  I had a taste, and ever since I have wanted to try to make some myself.


The thing is, I live in Missouri—so the first challenge was finding all the correct herbs.  I never really could.  Between what I grew myself, what I could find at Kansas City’s City Market, and figuring out substitutions to at least get a similar taste, I could only round up 6 herbs that fit the profile.

The next challenge was finding a recipe that worked.  via Pinterest, I pinned several options, came up with an idea of what I wanted to do, then messaged my friend in Frankfurt for a little advice.


I started by stripping my six herbs off any woody stems, washing, and spinning them dry. Because I didn’t have quite enough of some herbs, I took the herb I had the least of, weighed it, and then used the same weight of each subsequent herb.

My six herbs that I ended up with were (top row) parsley, chives, red sorrel, watercress (bottom row) dill and tarragon.

I decided I wanted a more chunky sauce, so chopped all the herbs.  I probably should have followed the other recipes that said to use a blender, because my sauce didn’t end up as green looking as the recipes I saw.  But I was worried about it being too mushy.

After talking with Sabine, I decided to use sour cream, so I whisked about a cup smooth.

Sabine had told me to add chopped eggs, and recipes I read said to sieve boiled eggs into the sauce, and that’s the way I decided to go.  


I decided to go with two eggs.

I added a little salt, a little sugar, and a little mustard (all things Sabine told me to add)

And then I added the herbs.

Gave it a good stir, and put it in the fridge.  Recipes said to chill at least an hour.  I chilled it overnight and had my plate the next day.

From what I have read, it is traditionally served with boiled eggs, cold meat, or roasted or boiled potatoes.   Sabine had ordered hers with eggs each time, so I copied her (sadly I overcooked the eggs).  It isn’t quite Frankfurt Green Sauce, but it is pretty good!

Faux Frankfurt Green Sauce

I completely made this up as I went, and tasted and adjusted, so make this your own.

Equal amounts (I only had 5/8 oz of each herb)







1 scant cup sour cream

2 boiled eggs

Tsp salt

3/4 tsp sugar

Tsp mustard

Lemon juice to taste (I forgot above that Sabine had also told me to add this)


Remove the woody stems from the herbs.  Wash and spin the herbs until they are completely dry.  Finely chop them, or even use a blender to chop all the herbs together.


Whisk the sour cream until it is smooth.  Press the boiled eggs through a mesh strainer into the sour cream, then add the sugar, salt, and mustard.  Stir together, then fold in the herbs.  Taste, and add a little lemon juice, taste again and adjust to your own taste.


Chill at least one hour.


Serve either with boiled eggs, cold meat, or potatoes either boiled or roasted.

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