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Calabacitas – Take 2

Calabacitas – Take 2

I made this recipe last year, and I should have read my notes before making it again this time!  I have to remember that this makes a huge batch, and cut the recipe in half.

Oh well.

This time around I added the optional tomato (I had one on the edge that needed to be used).  In addition, I had some actual calabacitas I had picked up at the Farmers Market, along with a zucchini.


A side note:  The seller kept calling them cabachon, and I didn’t’ think that was right.  So I searched and found what looks like them on this site:


On the site they are called Tatuma Squash, but it says they are also called calabacitas.

There is a lot of slicing and dicing, so I got busy.


The veggies cook slowly over medium high heat for ten to 15 minutes, just to soften.


Meanwhile, I used this new handy dandy corn stripper tool to cut kernels off the cob.  Boy, this little gadget worked fantastically well!  I’m a convert.


I had some Anaheim peppers that I had roasted previously, and diced those up as well.  I got the corn, chilis, and salt ready to go in after the vegetables were softened.


And added them to the pan.


And covered and cooked for another 10 minutes.


I chose to add the optional cream, and simmered to reduce the cream so it was just coating the vegetables.


I did top with some shredded Monterey Jack cheese, although I don’t really think it is needed.  I also don’t think the tomatoes add much, so could take or leave them in the future.


The recipe, along with some other good-looking recipes, may be found here:


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