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BLT Salad

BLT Salad

It’s a simple salad, really. And I cannot take any credit whatsoever for either the idea of having it last night, or the execution. 

A friend posted about it in a Facebook group I’m in. And I thought, hmmm.   I have everything necessary to do that but bread.

I asked Liz how she had dressed the salad.  She told me that the first time she thinned mayo with vinegar. But the second time she did it, she put a dollop of mayo in the bottom of the bowl and then layered chopped tomatoes on top, basically letting the mayo and the juice from the tomatoes form the dressing.

So, while the bacon was cooking in the oven, I started with the mayo in the bottom of the bowl. 



Then I chopped up a lovely heirloom tomato I had bought at the farmers market, and put the tomatoes on top of the mayo. 



Next came a layer of nice and crunchy iceberg lettuce.  But before that, I thought about warm bacon vinaigrette for spinach salads. And I thought to myself, a little bit of hot bacon grease would be OK here. And then poured in maybe half a tablespoon.



And, of course, the bacon.



To continue with a sort of smoky theme along with the bacon, I added a pinch of smoked sea salt.



A few grinds of black pepper, a quick toss, and dinner was ready.



BLT Salad

Hellman’s Mayo

Chopped tomato 

Iceberg lettuce 

Crisp bacon

Bacon grease

Croutons (if you have bread)

Start with some mayo in the bottom of a salad bowl. Put about the amount you would put if you were going to dress your salad after putting it all together. Chop up as many tomatoes as you like. Keep all those juices to add to the bowl.  If you want to pour on a little of the warm bacon grease, do it now. Don’t use too much.

I like iceberg lettuce for this, it’s nice and crunchy.  Add it, and crumbled or diced bacon at this point.

Bacon is usually already pretty salty. However, I once read that one thing people often don’t do, is season their salads with salt and pepper. And how much is the small amount and make a huge difference.  I did add freshly ground black pepper as well as just a small amount of smoked sea salt that I happen to have on hand.

This is where I just tossed it altogether and ate it for dinner last night. However if you happen to have some bread with which to make croutons, my friend Liz fried hers in the bacon grease, and said it added a really great boost of flavor.

This isn’t much of a recipe. More of a guideline really.

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