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Putting Dried Thyme and Fennel in Jars

Putting Dried Thyme and Fennel in Jars

Our CSA also gives us a variety of herbs as part of our weekly shares.

We got quite a bit of thyme this year, so I hung up one bundle to dry.  I like fresh thyme, but couldn’t use up quite as much as we were getting!
We also got one spray of fennel seed.  I decided to put those in a brown paper bag to dry as well.
I laid down some waxed paper and gently rubbed the tips of the fennel spray to remove the seeds without crushing them.
Rolled up the waxed paper and used it as a funnel to put the seeds in a jar.  I didn’t get a lot, but enough for one recipe of probably.
Next up was the thyme.
I got a lot more of that!  And hope I got all the woody stems picked out.
I bought these Chalky Talky labels on Amazon, along with the chalk pen.  They are supposed to be removable and reusable, so we’ll see!
While I was pouring things in jars and labeling things, I decided to label two spice and herb mixes I had made.  You always think you are going to remember what they are, but sooner or later you forget!
I had a rub I use for tri-tip roasts, and a faux Herbes de Provence I had to make one time when I didn’t have the real stuff.   Those got labels.
And I bought some sumac and some za’atar down at the Kansas City River Market on Saturday.  One scoop for $2!  Turns out one scoop = two spice jars.  I poured those in jars and labeled them as well.

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