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Summer in a Bowl

Summer in a Bowl

Because calling this a sweet pepper salad does not do it justice.

This week we got some beautiful red and orange horn peppers in our CSA share.  I decided I wanted to make some kind of salad with them, and started down all the search avenues–Pinterest, Yummly, straight out Google searches.  I saw a few and knew I wanted to slice them in rings and use Sherry vinegar, but sadly I did not bookmark any of them.
So when I got around to making the salad tonight I had to start all over :-(. But, I found a recipe that had most of what I was looking for.
I sliced the red onion into thin half rounds and put them a bowl of water in the fridge to soak.
I then sliced the peppers into quarter inch rings, shaking out and discarding the seeds.
When it got to about 20 minutes before dinner time I combined the peppers and onions in a bowl, and tossed with one tablespoon each of olive oil and Sherry vinegar, and seasoned with salt and pepper.
I also snipped some chives and mint from my herb pots, and stripped some basil leaves from my CSA bunch.  I aimed for an equal amount of each herb.
Right before serving, I tossed in the herbs.
None of the original recipes I looked at the first time had this herb addition.  Wow, did it add to the dish.  It tasted like summer in a bowl.
Please ignore the fact that the steak is over cooked 🙁
This is the basic recipe I followed (except I didn’t use bell peppers, and I used just the three herbs).

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