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Not exactly Herbes de Provence

Not exactly Herbes de Provence

I was making a recipe today that called for Herbes de Provence.  I had just ordered a jar last night, but three different looks through my cupboards didn’t reveal any today.

So I figured I would just put together my own mix.  Googling brought me to this Emeril Lagasse recipe for it:
Then I had another problem, which was that I don’t have any savory or fennel (mainly because I don’t like fennel).  More googling to figure out substitutions.
So I substituted tarragon and ground coriander seeds.  Was it exactly what I needed?
No, but it ended up tasting great.
I also did not need an entire cup of the stuff, so I only used 1 tablespoon of each herb.  Then stored it in a glass jar.
Merri’s Fake Herbes de Provence
(All herbs are dried herbs)
1 Tablespoon each of:
Coriander seeds
Rosemary leaves
I used this in a marinade with olive oil for chicken.  The chicken tasted great!
PS I see it both as herbs de Provence and Herbes de Provence.  Off to see what is correct.

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