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Lemony Pea Mash on Toast–It’s not Guacamole!

Lemony Pea Mash on Toast–It’s not Guacamole!

Last week I made preserved lemons (see earlier post) to use in a cooking challenge with some of my friends.  This month the challenge is to make new-to-us recipes using preserved lemons.

So tonight I made Lemony Pea Mash on toast.
Unfortunately, this is a rotten picture of the ingredients.  The big glass jar contains the preserved lemons.  I had some sugar snap peas from my CSA that I had let sit in the fridge a little too long, so the shells weren’t that great but once shelled, the peas were still sweet.
The recipe came from Bon Appetit, here.
First the fresh peas went into a small saucepan with garlic, some salt, and a little olive oil.  I only had one cup of peas so adjusted all the other ingredients accordingly.
This gets heated over medium heat until tender.  For these fresh peas, that was about five minutes.  Just taste and see if they are tender.
Drain and keep the liquid.  I usually forget to keep the liquid, but this time I remembered.
Preserved lemons and lemon juice, chopped chives from my herb pot, and Aleppo pepper were ready to go.
I processed the peas in a small blender, and added some of the reserved liquid a little at a time until it was a smooth mashed texture.
The recipe doesn’t say to blend in the preserved lemons using the blender, but I wanted it really incorporated so I did.
But I just stirred in the chives and Aleppo.
I toasted some slices of bread under the broiler, and drizzled a little olive oil on them.
Then spread some of the pea mash on the toast, and drizzled a little more olive oil and sprinkled with a little more Aleppo.
It looks like Guacamole!  But it’s not.  It is a delicious, fresh taste of its own.
It was one of those recipes that as you tasted it while putting it together, you think it tastes fine.  Then you add the preserved lemon and Aleppo, and it is just transformed.  I cannot describe to you how delicious and fresh tasting this is.
The cooking challenge is fun to do as you get introduced to new ingredients.  And every once in awhile you discover a recipe you know you now want to make over and over again.
Ps. I just looked at the recipe and realized I never added the extra oil, salt and pepper, and lemon juice at the end. In my opinion, it doesn’t really need it.

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