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Oregano, garlic, lemon compound butter

Oregano, garlic, lemon compound butter

The herbs I harvested from my summer herb pot have lasted for months, but I really needed to do something with them.

One of the big bunches remaining was oregano. One of my favorite marinades for grilled thick porkchops is oregano, lemon juice, garlic, salt, and olive oil. So I thought, why not make a compound butter with those same flavors, and use in the winter on those thick pork chops cooked like a steak?
First up I stripped all the oregano leaves off the stems.
Next I zested one lemon, and minced two cloves of garlic.
Mounded them all together with maybe a quarter teaspoon of salt.
And chopped them all together using my Ulu knife from Alaska.
Then mixed everything together with a softened stick of butter. I did taste and adjust a little. I added maybe 1/2 tsp of lemon juice.
I spread the butter in a log shape in the middle of waxed paper, folded the wax paper over the top, and used the straight edge of my bench scraper to shape it to a round cylinder shape.
Twist the ends, and keep in the freezer!
I plan on using to finish the thick pork chops as I mentioned, but I think this would be great on fish too.

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