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Chocolate Mint Brownies

Chocolate Mint Brownies

I saw this recipe in Food & Wine magazine, and decided to try it and use some of the chocolate mint extract I made last summer from the chocolate mint in my herb pot.

I’m afraid it was a bit of a bust though. There is lots of chocolate and butter.  Possibly too much butter (if that is possible!).
You melt 2/3 of the chocolate with the butter in a double boiler, then pour it into a separate bowl to cool while you melt the remaining chocolate with the extract. It’s very difficult to keep the mint mixture from seizing, and it is a little thick and unwieldy.
In another bowl you do the rest of the mix.
Start by mixing the eggs and brown sugar.
The chocolate and butter mixture goes in next, followed by the flour and salt.
Then you pour into a parchment lined pan and dot it with spoonfuls of the chocolate mint mixture.  You are supposed to run a table knife through it to swirl in the chocolate mint dollops. It didn’t swirl very well.
After baking for 15 minutes you sprinkle peppermint over the top, then finish baking.
It then has to cool for two hours before cutting. It makes a very pretty plate of brownies.
Would I make them again?  No. They are cloyingly rich and buttery. You can barely taste the mint in the brownie. Far too fussy and too many steps for a brownie.
I might make my own brownie recipe and just add some mint extract to the batter, then use the bake, sprinkle with peppermint, then finish baking method though.

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