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Prepping Veggies

Prepping Veggies

What happened in my kitchen today did not involve cooking.

In less than a week we leave for 2 weeks.  I had a produce drawer and pantry full of veggies.  No one wants to toss spoiled produce.  And in the past I have given anything that was on the edge to friends so they would use them.  This year, I took a different approach.
First up, the last of the sweet red peppers, a Hakurei turnip, and kohlrabi  hanging on from my last CSA deliveries.  I also had some carrots and celery that I bought when making pot roast.
These are all veggies I can snack on raw, chop and put in salads, or use in stir frys.
I cut them all into snack sizes, figuring if I make a salad or stir fry I can dice them from there.  Into a container then into the fridge.
I washed, chopped, and spun dry some lettuce too.   The OXO salad spinner is the best.  I already had my first salad.  The rest is in the spinner with a damp paper towl and plastic wrap stretched across the top.
Turns out I still had bok choy from the CSA too.  Isn’t it pretty?
If I want to make a stir fry (or two) this week, the bok choy is ready to go.  The greens are in a bowl with the damp paper towl and plastic wrap, and the white parts are in a sealed container in the fridge.
I also washed and froze hot peppers whole; sliced 3 1bs of Vidalia onions for making French Onion soup sometime down the road and froze them; and, diced an additional 3 cups of Vidalia onions for the freezer.
It’s my very own form of convenience food.

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