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Salsa Sunday (not really, you can have this anytime, it’s reallyRobin’s Salsa)

Salsa Sunday (not really, you can have this anytime, it’s reallyRobin’s Salsa)

My friend Robin would whip up this salsa in a flash every time we had a gathering.  It is so good, and so many people would ask her for the recipe, that she finally made a bunch of copies and keeps a stack in her desk so she can just hand it over and not have to rewrite.

What’s that?  Why are there cans?  Well, this isn’t really a “fresh” salsa but just trust me on this.  It is delicious.  I have had college tennis players stand over the bowl of salsa and eat it until it is gone.
Here it is, Robin’s Salsa:
1-2 cloves garlic (I always use 2)
2 chipotle peppers (she prefers Embassa brand but I can’t find it here and use San Marcos)
2 Tbsp rice vinegar
1.5 Tbsp lemon or lime juice (to no one’s surprise, I prefer lime)
1.5 cups cilantro (stems and all, pack it down.  More won’t hurt anything)
2 cans Mexican stewed tomatoes (I can only find Del Monte locally, but I don’t think the brand matters)
Put garlic in food processor along with chipotles, rice vinegar, citrus juice and cilantro.  Pulse until well chopped.  Add stewed tomatoes, pulse until desired consistency.
The bigger the chipotles, the hotter this will be.  And a word to the wise, if it lasts for a few days the heat will intensify.  For the most part though,this isn’t really a hot salsa.

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