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Now for some Roasted Red Peppers!

Now for some Roasted Red Peppers!

I also had a bunch of red peppers.  These were the horn peppers though, not the red bell peppers, so I wasn’t sure about roasting them.

I knew that I wouldn’t get to eat them all before some started going bad so I decided to give it a try.
I also had an Italian sausage coil from Caldarello so I took advantage of heating up the grill to grill it as well.
Once they were nice and blackened and blistered, into a bowl they went.  I covered it with plastic wrap and let them cool while I did other things in the kitchen.  The longer you can let them wait, the better, as they will be easier to handle.
I looked at a couple of different options and after talking to a friend decided to go with putting the peeled and seeded peppers into small jars, covering them with olive oil, and freezing them.
This is the first time I have done them this way.  I look forward to using them this winter!
Oh, these were a little harder to peel as the skins were thinner.  The bigger peppers were definitely easier.  If I get some piling up again I might try what another person suggested, which is to freeze them after they are roasted, and before peeling.  They said the thinner skins come off more easily that way.

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