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Candied Jalapeños – Yes Please

Candied Jalapeños – Yes Please

A specialty store in Eureka Springs, Arkansas handed out crackers with cream cheese and a candied jalapeño  on top. I bought a jar (of course) because it was delicious!  So then I had to make my own.  Lots of searching brought me to this recipe and it has been my go-to ever since:

What’s really nice is that it is for only 3 1/2 pint jars, so it is completely manageable to do.
I got a pound of jalapeños from my CSA, rinsed them, and sliced in rounds.  The first time I made them I removed all the seeds, but I decided that was too much work.  I leave out the cayenne, and leave the seeds in.  Sweet/hot is what you are looking for after all.
Pretty soon the stovetop was full of pots-sterilizing jars, heating lids, and heating up the canning syrup.
I think the lime juice and zest really make the difference in this recipe.  I always zest the limes before I juice them.
Man the kitchen smells so good when you have zested some citrus.  After juicing the limes, the juice goes into the syrup.
After boiling the syrup for awhile to get it to thicken, the sliced jalapeños go in, simmering until they darken a bit.
Meanwhile I get my jars ready to go and once the peppers darken I use a slotted spoon to put the rings in the jars.
You might notice I have 4 1/2 pint jars out.  Experience has taught me that although this recipe says it makes 3 jars, it really makes closer to 4.
The syrup is boiled again for 5 minutes, taken off the heat, and the lime zest stirred in.  Into the jars it goes, lids and rings are added, and water-bath processed for 10 minutes.
And  I am all set for the year.

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