A personal kitchen diary. I try new recipes and make notes on what works and what doesn't. Sometimes I can things, and sometimes I dry herbs. This is the story of my kitchen.

I can show you what was happening in my kitchen Saturday, but I can’ttell you the details.

I can show you what was happening in my kitchen Saturday, but I can’ttell you the details.

Seriously, I promised.  So I can show you some pictures, but I strategically didn’t show the right amounts of ingredients, and just won’t even tell you the spices or the times involved.  What I can tell you it was delicious.  Also a couple of things about mincing garlic and chopping onions.

There were a lot of pots on the stove, and some other key ingredients.

I mixed up some spices.

Have you used the two bowl trick to peel a lot of garlic at once?  Take two bowls of about the same size, metal if you have them,   Place cloves of unpeeled garlic in one bowl and place the other bowl over it, rim to rim making a dome.  Shake that dome about 10-20 times.  Separate the bowls and the garlic skins slip right off.

I know there is some discussion about whether you should mince garlic by hand or with a press, but for me the nuances in flavor are minimal at best, so I just use a garlic press.  My favorite is one from Pampered Chef.  I was cooking at a friend’s house once and used hers and knew right away that I was abandoning my old press for this new one.

My friend Kelly and I went to a knife skills class and one thing we took away was another trick to chopping onions.  Slice off a bit of the stem end, and place on that flat surface.  Leaving the root end intact, cut the onion in half through the center of the root.

Now you can easily pull off the outer peel, still leaving that root end intact.

Now you can go about your onion chopping with the root keeping the onion together for you.

Lots of onions were chopped.

And  lots of ground beef was browned.

Then lots of onions were browned in the same pan.
And lots of spices were added.
And eventually there was chili.  And I had it with a bottle of Boulevard Brewing Co. Black Pale Ale.
My Uncle Jack’s chili is the best and I try to recreate it the best I can.  And no matter how YOU make your chili, I’m sure it’s great.

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