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On a quest to recreate Sausage-Stuffed Banana Peppers

On a quest to recreate Sausage-Stuffed Banana Peppers

A few years ago someone brought sausage-stuffed banana peppers to a potluck.  They had grilled them and they were delicous!  I didn’t ask for the recipe, unfortunately.

I like banana peppers sliced in salads, and I have pickled pepper rings.  But I had another pile of banana peppers that I needed to do something with, and I wasn’t going to eat that many salads, and already have plenty of jars of pickled pepper rings.  Time to try the stuffed peppers again.
Once before I simply browned some pork sausage, stuffed the peppers and broiled them.   But the sausage fell out.  I tried something different this time.
First, I donned some latex gloves, then I sliced the peppers in half lengthwise and seeded them using a teaspoon.  Always always always use gloves when handling peppers.
I always do when handling jalapenos, anaheims and banana peppers.  Usually in those cases I’m slicing and seeding them.  The other night I was stringing peppers to dry, and didn’t think handling them and threading them using a needle would be a problem so didn’t wear gloves.
I was wrong, a fact I discovered when taking out my contacts later that night.
Possibly the latex gloves on a white cutting board don’t show up that well!
I browned the pork sausage, breaking it up as much as possible.  I threw a few thai chilis in to boost the flavor, but should have added more.
I broke it up as much as I could since the peppers to be stuffed were not that big.  I took out the peppers and let the sausage cool.  I then mixed the sausage with cream cheese, decided it was still too loose, and added some shredded cheddar cheese.  Then using the teaspoon  again, I stuffed each pepper.
The stuffing stayed in!
Turn the oven to 350 F then pop in the cooking sheet with the peppers and cook 15-20 minutes, until the peppers are soft and the cheese melted a bit.
These tasted better than they look!
They were good, but not to die for.  I will keep playing with the combination.  I would probably use a different sausage next time, one that is a little spicier.  And maybe just use cream cheese, but a little more.  We’ll see next year when the banana peppers start piling up again!

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