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Now for the tomatoes before they go bad–Using more CSA produce.

Now for the tomatoes before they go bad–Using more CSA produce.

Who doesn’t love roasted vegetables (I know, I know, tomatoes are a fruit)?

Today I used various tomatoes from my CSA, garlic from my CSA, and thyme from my very own herb pot as I roasted some tomatoes.
Olive oil, salt, pepper, sliced garlic cloves, and sprigs of thyme went into a Pyrex casserole dish.  I cored the paste tomatoes, and sliced all the tomatoes in half.  Rolled the tomatoes in the olive oil mixture, and placed them all cut side down in the dish.
They went into a 375 degree oven for about 2 hours, and then I had roasted tomatoes!
I could have stopped there, freezing the tomatoes for sauce later, or just eating them over rice, or blending for a simple tomato sauce.  But I had just roasted a red pepper earlier, and decided the pepper blended with the tomatoes would make a great sauce.
And I was right.
I might have it over pasta this week, or, I’m thinking of using this as a sauce for pizza, with thinly sliced red onions and fresh mozzarella.
Is there a recipe?  No.  Just what you read above.

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