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My first time every BLT

My first time every BLT

I’ve had to explain this a number of times already why I never had a BLT before.  First, until I joined my local Community Supported Agriculture group a few years ago, I always hated tomatoes (shout out to Fairshare Farms CSA!).

Turns out that locally grown tomatos with real live sun and hot weather are a far cry from the tomatoes I hated.  I committed to trying everything that came from the CSA and I’m glad I did as I am now a tomato lover.  Well, in season and local tomato lover.
Also, we rarely buy loaves of bread, so there was not always bread in the house even if I had tomatoes from the CSA.  And, we don’t typically eat bacon for breakfast, so it isn’t here regularly either.  We do eat bacon, just usually in recipes like baked beans or on spinach salads as examples.  Lettuce of one kind or another we usually have.
This year one of our CSA partners is Companionship Breads.
So this week was the perfect storm.  I had a tomato, lettuce, bacon, and 7-grain bread. Being me, I also did a little online research and discovered that I should use Hellmann’s mayo, toast the bread, and salt and pepper the tomatoes when I put them the sandwich.
And so I did.
And it was good.
PS I used the oven method for cooking the bacon.  No muss, no fuss!
Oven  at 350, line a baking sheet with foil if you wish, lay the bacon out in strips.  15-20 minutes.  No spatter!

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