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Fresh Peach Pie

Fresh Peach Pie

It’s about the end of the peach season here in Missouri, so it seemed like I should make a pie.  First, the peaches.  Really the fastest way to peel them and not have much waste is to cut a little x in the bottom of the peach and drop them (actually, don’t do that, the water will splash and burn you. Use tongs to place them in the water) into boiling water.

Once you see that the skins have loosened, remove them and place into a bowl of ice water.  Again, I use tongs.
Meanwhile, get that pie crust started.  The only shortening I will use is Crisco.  My pie crust standby is the Better Homes and Gardens pie crust.  Simple, and tender and flaky every time.
Once the salt and flour are sifted together, it’s time for the  shortening.  Per the advice in the BH&G recipe, I only cut in 1/2 at a time.  The first 1/2 I cut in until it looks like corn meal,the second half until it looks like small peas.
And then, use as cold of water as you can and add to the mix 1 tablespoon at a time, tossing with a fork to work it in, moving the dough that absorbs the water aside, and going to the next tablespoon.  The recipe is 5-7 tablespoons, and it will depend on how humid it is.  I’ve used 5, 6, and 7 at different times.  Tonight it was six.
I put ice in a bowl of water before I get started, so that the water is very cold.
Now form them into a disk, wrap in plastic wrap, and put in the fridge to rest for at least 30 minutes.  It will make it incredibly easier to roll out.
Back to the peaches.  Take them out of the ice water and simply slip off the peels.  Aren’t they pretty that way?
Halve them and remove the pits.
Slice them up and put in a big bowl.
Again I use my old standby the Better Homes & Gardens cookbook (you know the one, with the red plaid cover) for the peach pie recipe.  Add sugar (not that much), flour, and cinnamon, and mix together.

Once the dough had rested it was time to turn it out onto a lightly floured surface and roll it out.  One of my older brothers made that rolling pin in shop when they were young.  I love that rolling pin, it’s perfect!

My pie plates have disappeared, so I used a quiche dish tonight.  Here it is with the bottom crust and pie filling poured in.
I wasn’t going to flute anything with the quiche dish, so I just trimmed off the dough right at the edge, and added the top crust.  Slit it for vents, and sprinkled sugar on top so it would get nice and crunchy.
30 minutes later (instead of 45-50 because it was such a small layer) we had pie.  Sort of.  Is it a pie if it isn’t in a pie plate?
You might have noticed that I didn’t really list the recipe here.  That is because it is from a print cookbook, so I don’t have a link to it.  I don’t want to violate any copyright laws.  If I can find the same recipes online I will come back and post a link.  If not, any BH&G red plaid cookbook will have these recipes.

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