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A Belated Anniversary Dinner

A Belated Anniversary Dinner

We have busy schedules.  It only took us 10 days to arrange an anniversary dinner!  Simple but good, tri tip on the grill and butter steamed Desiree potatoes.

Follow the instructions on the site below for the tri-tip and it will come out perfectly every time.  Resting is critical.  I love how simple this is and how delicious this cut is.
This recipe for butter steaming potatoes is so much better than boiling the potatoes, straining them, and adding butter later.  Any waxy potato will do, even though the recipe says red new potatoes. I have used with Desiree potatoes, that are pink skinned with yellow flesh, as well as Purple Vikings that have purple skin and white flesh.  The bonus is that this method lets those beautiful colors show through.

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